Tijana Perović,
Tatjana Ćeremidžić,
Dejan Ćeremidžić,
Vladan Savić
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
University of East Sarajevo

ДОИ 10.7251/NSK1801136P
UDK 796.012.1-053.2
Оригинални научни рад



This study was conducted with the aim to determine differences in motor skills of boys of the age from 10 to 13, divided into groups: Footballers, Karate players and Nonathletes from the area of city of East Sarajevo. The study included athletes from Football club “Tango”, athletes from Karate club “Igman” and pupils from “Sveti Sava” primary school, “Petar Petrović Njegoš” primary school, “Aleksa Šantić” primary school and “Jovan Dučić” primary school. Total sample of participants was 84 boys. The sample was divided into three groups:
1. Footballers (24 boys from FC “Tango”)
2. Karate players (23 boys from KC “Igman”) and
3. Non-athletes (37 boys included only in teaching of physical education).
Boys athletes (Footballers and Karate players) were included in sport activity at least for
4 years. After statistical data processing, the results of the study showed that there are statistically significant differences in motor skills between the participants.

Key words: motor skills, karate players, footballers, non-athletes


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